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Deathwing down
By: Bando
For the people who check in once in a while, we got Deathwing. :D

User submitted image

For those interested in apping, please speak to Betrys.
Comments (6) Date: 04/Dec/2011 22:21 EST
Heroic Shannox
By: Benea
We finished 10/13 the previous tier, with a to the wire kill of heroic nefarion before the patch, in true SR form ;)

We also killed heroic Shannox: (he dropped 11 items in heroic mode...!)

User submitted image
Comments (2) Date: 13/Jul/2011 07:23 EDT
Heroic Omnotron
By: Benea
We are on a roll! (also p2 nef heroic, har har).

User submitted image
Comments (3) Date: 26/May/2011 22:53 EDT
Heroic Conclave
By: Benea
I didn't take us too long:

User submitted image

We need better screenshot takers...
Comments (4) Date: 25/May/2011 12:07 EDT
Heroic Valiona and Theralion
By: Benea
After a long drought, full of vacation and people that are getting married or plan to get married ( fyi I hate you Rot =p), or 12 hour work days, we are starting to kill stuff again!

Heroic Valiona and Theralion: Thanks Walnuts for the pic!

User submitted image
Comments (3) Date: 21/May/2011 07:10 EDT
Heroic Magmaw
By: Benea
We sacrificed our hunters... =P

User submitted image
Comments (5) Date: 25/Mar/2011 07:48 EDT
Heroic Maloriak
By: Benea
Thank you Walnuts for the nice pic. No more lame pics from me !

User submitted image
Comments (0) Date: 17/Mar/2011 08:04 EDT

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